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Additional Information

Free Evaluation
Evaluation is performed at no cost to the customer within 24 hours of receipt of drive to determine feasibility of recovery. You will be notified upon completion of diagnostic phase of all charges related to recovery. No charges will ever be incurred without full customer approval in advance.

No Recovery, No Charge
There is never a charge if we fail to recover the specific data that a customer requests. As important as the recovery itself is the quality of the recovered files. We will, at the customer's direction, test those files of specific interest to the client to determine if the files are in usable format. It should be remembered that, depending upon the type of damage to the drive, files are sometimes recovered in a corrupted state. Therefore we define a successful recovery as one in which the files that your require are recovered in a usable, uncorrupted form. What's the sense of paying for data recovery if you can't use the data? Your satisfaction is the bottom line to Micro-Surgeon.